Our Patients are Living Proof

Learn why GW ӮƱ is the choice for high quality healthcare in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. Get to know some of our patients and their compelling stories. They are living proof of the excellent care they received at GW ӮƱ.

Tony Abate, Road Bicycle

Tony Abate

Tony Abate has a passion for competitive cycling, so when debilitating hip pain threatened to sideline him, he knew he needed to get help.

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GW Tracy Allison Cochlear Implant.jpg

Tracy Allison

Tracy has had hearing loss for most of her life. When her hearing worsened and other treatments weren't working, she made the decision to have cochlear implant surgery.

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Bonita Bell

Bonita had a large blood clot in her lungs (pulmonary embolism). Doctors placed her on an ECMO machine and removed large volumes of clot from her arteries.

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Danielle Collins

Danielle was diagnosed with a rare brain condition. Neurosurgeons used virtual reality to help save her life.

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Don Flory

Don Flory

After having a serious heart attack, Don only had a five percent chance to live. But then he received ECMO at GW ӮƱ, an advanced procedure that saved his life.

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Joel Hinzman

Joel was diagnosed with stage four oral cancer. After participating in a clinical study at GW Cancer Center, he is now cancer free.

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GW Lauren Levinson Breast Surgery

Lauren Levinson

When Lauren learned she had the BRCA1 mutation, which made it more likely for her to develop breast cancer, she opted to have a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

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Jeffrey Richardson

When Jeffrey suddenly became ill, he decided to go to GW ӮƱ. Doctors diagnosed Jeffrey with congestive heart failure and helped save his life.

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Melinda Robinson

Because of virtual reality technology and the great doctors at GW ӮƱ, Melinda is now cancer free.

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Scott Schneider

Putting Scott on the ECMO machine gave the doctors at GW ӮƱ time to diagnose his illness — an infection of the heart — and treat it properly.

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Mark Swarz, Cardiac Patient

Mark Swartz

Mark needed a heart transplant. While waiting for a donor, cardiac surgeons implanted a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) to keep his heart functioning.

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Susan Waage

Susan Waage

Susan broke her knee cap when she was 34 weeks pregnant. She had an entire team of orthopedic and OB specialists monitoring her and her baby during surgery.

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